Innovative Combined Cycle Technology

What does combined cycle mean?

As an industry trailblazer, Calenia Energia has embraced innovative combined cycle technology, also known as CCGT or Combined Cycle Gas Turbine. Combined cycle systems generate energy using natural gas to ensure a much higher yield: around 40% more than traditional thermal power plants. This highly efficient advanced technology is the ideal choice to meet the energy needs of companies and factories with large-scale consumption.

Combined cycle systems: how they work

Combined cycle technology with natural gas is based on two distinct thermodynamic processes: gas combustion in the first turbine and the expansion of the steam generated by this process in the second turbine. This production sequence offers a significant improvement in terms of production and energy efficiency.

Technology for efficiency and sustainability

Innovative technology for greater efficiency in terms of fuel consumption, emissions released and thermal energy produced.

The environmental benefits of combined cycle technology

Combined cycle technology ensures substantial advantages in terms of emissions and fuel usage. In fact, the combustion of natural gas molecules produces less CO2 than traditional power plants. Furthermore, combined cycle systems do not generate sulphur emissions, producing a negligible quantity of particle pollution. Thanks to the decreased fuel usage, production costs are also significantly lower than other technologies.

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