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Environmental Impact Assessment

The Italian Ministry of the Environment and Ministry of Culture have approved the environmental compatibility of the Calenia plant project based on the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

Criteria and phases of the environmental impact assessment


The Environmental Impact study identified, studied and examined all the potential environmental factors at play in the development of the plant project, paying particular attention to the analysis of the following aspects:

  • water consumption and water discharge
  • atmospheric emissions and air quality
  • noise emissions and the noise climate
  • the microclimate of the surrounding area
  • electromagnetic fields
  • the integration of industrial developments into the landscape
  • the archaeological and architectural heritage
  • natural ecosystems
  • the planned measures to eliminate or reduce adverse effects
  • environmentally friendly power plant management
  • the environmental monitoring plans

The following steps led to the approval of the environmental impact study.

Decree of November 6th 2003
Positive assessment of the environmental compatibility of the architectural project from the EIA Commission
Decree of Authorisation no. 55/06/2004
Authorisation for the construction and operation of the power plant from the Ministry of Economic Development
Protocol no. DVA/DEC/2011/0000451 of August 5th 2011
Renewal of the integrated environmental authorisation for the operation of the plant by decree of the Ministry of the Environment

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