Calenia's relationship with the local area

Relationship with the local area: the choice of location

Calenia demonstrated its commitment to the environment before the actual construction even began. The project was carried out only after completion of an in-depth territorial and social assessment, which examined the impact of the power plant on the site designated as it headquarters. This commitment is underlined on a daily basis through technological choices and continuous monitoring of the environmental impact.

The site: selection criteria and data analysis

The data analysis considered a variety of factors related to:

  • the environmental impact
  • the distribution of the inhabitants
  • the presence of other industrial developments
  • any architectural and landscape constraints

The most suitable area to accommodate power generation facilities was identified as the former Pozzi industrial area in Sparanise. This site, the so-called “brownfield land“, was previously used for other production purposes and therefore not suitable for cultivation. Consequently it had fallen into disuse and the power plant could thus be constructed without taking up any agricultural land, in line with Calenia’s social commitment.

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