Characteristics and operations of the power plant

Modular structure of the power plant

The structure of the Calenia thermoelectric power plant is made up of two equal and independent generating modules, each totalling 380 MW, constructed applying a multi-shaft configuration. Each section is equipped with:

  • a gas turbine (260 MW) powered by natural gas
  • a superheating steam turbine (120 MW) powered by a horizontal recovery boiler in which steam is generated by the heat of combustion
  • an air condenser to cool steam and recover the water to be fed back into the boiler and hence into the production process

These modular structures enable a large amount of energy to be recovered, ensuring high energy efficiency and eliminating the problems of wastewater disposal, while also reducing the amount of water extraction.

Gas turbine
Steam turbine
Air condenser

Plant operations

  • Ambient air is sucked in, filtered, and compressed by the compressor (1)
  • The air, mixed with natural gas, enters the gas turbine (2) for combustion
  • The hot fumes produced pass through the recovery boiler (3) and transfer energy to the circulating water
  • The steam generated in this process expands in the steam turbine (4)
  • The spent steam is cooled by the air condenser (5), allowing the water in the boiler to be reused
  • The mechanical energy produced by the turbines and transferred to the respective alternators (6) is converted into electrical energy
schema della tecnologia dei moduli

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